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Boone, NC

Specialty Coatings

Specialty Products can add character or provide a special functionality that goes beyond the bread-and-butter of architectural coatings. Faux and lacquer products can be used to enhance, elevate, and refine your basic architectural coatings in a room. There are coatings that are designed to meet a special need or perform a specific function. Below are some of our featured products.


Lenmar is uniquely designed for professional wood finishing craftsmen, cabinet shops of all sizes, professional floor refinishers and any contractor interested in providing their client with superior wood finishing solutions.

Paints Golden Paintworks

Golden Paintworks’ four Metallic Paint Tint Base colors are the foundation for creating our Pre-Tinted Metallic Paint colors, as well as custom tinting in the studio or jobsite. Each Metallic Paint Tint Base color can be used on their own, as they have the same 2-coat coverage and ease of application as the Pre- Tinted Metallic Paints.

Chalk Powder

Create your own paint…Create your own style

When mixed with water, Chalk-Taque Powder Additive turns any latex or water-based paint into a chalk-style paint that’s easily distressed for an antique look.

Your chalk-style paint can be used on finished or bare wood, glass, ceramic, laminate, and metal.

It’s a great way to add new life to any piece of furniture.

Specialty Coatings Ultra Scaled
Ultra Spec


This product is designed to perform a dual purpose as a direct to metal primer and finish. Both coats of the product provide rust inhibition for superior corrosion control. The acrylic formula provides excellent gloss and color retention. The film is fast drying permitting fast re-coat. This product is also an excellent finish for masonry, plaster, wallboard and interior wood surfaces.

ULTRA SPEC® HP D.T.M. Product Features

  • Direct to metal application
  • Self-priming on metal
  • Improved gloss & color retention
  • Fast dry and recoat times
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy application
Specialty Coatings Command Primer
Specialty Coatings Command

COMMAND is an extremely durable, single-component, multi-substrate solution to help you save time and tackle multiple jobs with confidence. This interior/exterior, UV-resistant acrylic urethane enamel provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance on a variety of substrates, and is ideal for facility maintenance and property management applications where minimal maintenance disruptions and quick returns to service are required.

COMMAND Product Features

  • For light-to-moderate industrial, commercial and residential use
  • Interior/Exterior use
  • Low temperature application
  • Block resistant
  • Multi-surface application
  • Fast return to service
Specialty Coatings Cabinet
INSL-X Cabinet Coat


Cabinet Coat is the ultimate finish for refurbishing dingy kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelving, furniture, trim & crown molding and other interior applications that require an ultra-smooth, factory like finish with long lasting beauty. Its superior adhesion allows painting difficult surfaces, even polyurethane and varnish, without using a primer. Cabinet Coat offers excellent flow and leveling, superior stain resistance and an extremely durable satin finish that will look like new for years.

Product Features

  • Urethane acrylic cabinet and trim finish
  • Super adhesion
  • Durable satin finish
  • Resists chipping, scuffing, food stains, grease & water
  • Waterborne formula provides an ultra-smooth factory-like” finish
Benjamin Moore Scuff-X


Staircase Painted

This product provides protection for the toughest high- traffic areas in busy commercial spaces. This breakthrough product offers superior durability and scuff-resistance than traditional high-performance two-component coatings, without the pre-mixing, short pot-life and application difficulties related to similar products.

Product Features

  • Scuff-resistance formula
  • Superior durability
  • Washable
  • Great Touch-Up
  • Easy Application
  • Spatter Resistant