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Boone, NC

2024- Something for everyone

Benjamin Moore has recently announced their color of the year for 2024. I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am about this color. If I’m being honest (which I am) I wasn’t overly thrilled with this years color: Raspberry Blush. Is it a nice color? ABSOLUTELY! However, it’s a color that can only be used in certain applications (think front door pop of color, piece of statement furniture, etc). It is NOT a color that can encompass large spaces or do some rooms justice.

This is where Blue Nova differs. Blue Nova is actually a blue with purple tones. The undertones are definitley purple but I really see it as medium to dark blue color with a splash of purple. Blue Nova also has a LRV (light reflectance value) of 16.98 which means that colors of this value can often come off flat and/or dull in darker rooms. This is where Blue Nova stands apart from other colors in the same value because of the chroma (degree of color). It is versatile enough that it can hold it’s own in  lighter rooms to darker rooms. I would advise that should you choose to use Blue Nova in a dimly lit or darker room that you pair it with a white to balance it out (adjoining wall, trim, cabinets, etc). The whites that would go best with a blue are: Benjamin Moore Simply, Benjamin Moore White Dove and my personal favorite white of all time… Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace. 

Where this color of the year is leaps and bounds above the previous years (Rapsberry Blush, Agean Teal, October Mist) it is SO versatile. We’re talking Kitchen island/cabinets, interior door, exterior door color, furniture, wall color, etc. This color is going places and I mean any place you want to put it. I would place a cautionary statement when it comes to using this as an exterior color. Can it be done? ABSOLUTELY and it would be STUNNING. However, with exterior you have to take into consideration the roof (big consideration), any rockwork, trim and any other accents you may have on your house. I would again suggest that you use one of the whites listed above on the trim to counter the body color. We have been seeing alot of bold exterior colors and Blue Nova would fit the bill!

If you can’t tell.. I am SUPER EXCITED about this 2024 color of the year and I really feel like Benjamin Moore hit the mark. The versatility and depth this color can add to your home is pretty much endless. This color can be classic, bold, bohemian, chic and whatever other category you want to put it in! In my opinion wherever you want to use it, you can’t go wrong!